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Welcome to the ICFAI University, Jaipur

The year 2020 has been quite disturbing to all of us. It has put up serious challenges to humanity and survival of mankind due to pandemic. One side, the pandemic has created numerous problems; it has also resulted into various opportunities. The ICFAI University, Jaipur endorses that “if there is a crisis, there is an opportunity also”. Therefore, students of the University are groomed, nurtured and trained to identify crisis and convert them into opportunities. The fine example is escalated e-learning opportunities. It is said that what could have been achieved in couple of years; has been achieved in couple of months in terms of accessing, utilizing and perfecting e-platforms. The ICFAI University, being multi-disciplinary University, provides opportunities for students to pursue their interest in other faculties. The University believes in development of students in all facets of life, therefore, students have opportunities to explore social service, community development and sports & games. The on campus environment is vibrant and lively. The regular academic activities with debate and discussion, deliberations and detailing make the ICFAI University, Jaipur standing tall and apart.

Join the ICFAI University, Jaipur and discover whole new paradigm in education to the delight of us.

Dr. Rajesh Kothari
The ICFAI University, Jaipur


Message from President Message from President

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The ICFAI University, Jaipur has been established under The ICFAI University, Jaipur Act, 2011 (Act No. 26 of 2011) passed by Legislative Assembly of Rajasthan. The University has been notified under Notification No. F. 2(26) Vidhi/2/2011 dated September 22, 2011. The University is sponsored by The ICFAI Society - a not-for profit educational society established in 1984.