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Summer Internship

Summer Internship


Internship Programs

At ICFAI Tech School, during the four-year study for B.Tech. Degree, students undertake two internship program courses lasting 30 weeks at professional locations, where the students and faculty get involved in the ongoing projects. The internship program courses form part of the curriculum of B.Tech and conducted like on-campus course.
  • Internship program-I (IP-I) course is for 8 weeks during the summer term following the second year. This in fact provides first exposure to students to understand how the corporate worlds work like an organization, systems management, business models, marketing etc
  • Internship Program-II (IP-II) is for 22 weeks duration and can be done in any of the two semesters of final year. During Internship Program-III (IP-II), final year students work on live projects in industries for about five and half months. Students of ICFAI Tech School have been going to various industries and national research laboratories for their Internship for several years and their contribution has been much appreciated.

    Benefits to the Students
    Opportunity to work on real-life problems in actual working conditions
    Development of useful work-related skills
    Enhanced placement opportunities
    Opportunity to earn while learning.

    Benefits to the External Organization
    Value addition through the participation of students and the faculty in project work directly relevant to the organization
    Direct contribution to industrial productivity
    Direct access to expertise available with the Institute
    Access to students who work as temporary employees of the organization.

    Benefits to the Institute
    Hands-on training facilities to its students
    Faculty development through involvement with the students in real-time projects
    Curriculum updation through feedback from industry
    Consultancy opportunities.

IBS Business School
The Summer Internship Program (SIP) forms an important component of education at the University. It is an attempt to bridge the gap between the academic institution and corporate world. Under SIP, students undertake internship at any organization during the intervening period between close of Semester II and commencement of Semester III. The program is almost equivalent to one semester and carries a weightage of 18 units, which is normally equivalent to six academic courses. The internship which would be a simulation of real work environment requires the students to undergo the rigor of professional environment both in form and substance. It exposes them to technical skills and helps them to acquire social skills by drawing them into contact with real professionals.

For proper coordination and ensuring organized and smooth conduct, each student would be under the guidance of a faculty. A representative of the industry/organization also guides the student and assists the faculty in monitoring the students progress.

Internship is a vehicle for introducing students to real-life situation, which cannot be simulated in the classroom. Therefore, internship assignments must necessarily be those of direct interest to the host organization. Students are encouraged to take up time bound, multi-disciplinary and goal oriented assignments involving team work. Solutions to various problems confronted in the assignment might be open-ended, involving an element of analytical thinking, processing and decision making in the face of insufficient data, parameters and uncertain situations.

Internship Opportunities