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Ph.D Program (Full-time / Part-time)

The Ph.D Program (Full-time / Part-time)

The Ph.D Program of the University is, in general a 3-Year program that emphasizes on development of the student's capacity to conduct original research. The program encourages the student to work independently and also to be able to identify, analyze and solve basic and applied research problems effectively and creatively. The candidates may be admitted on full-time basis or part-time basis. The full-time students are required to work on the campus, while the part-time students may work from their respective work places, but will have to attend contact sessions conducted by the University.

Duration: Three Years


Two-Year post graduate degree with first class, i.e. 60% or more or equivalent CGPA, over and above a four Year Undergraduate Degree. Postgraduate students who do not have a four-Year undergraduate degree will be required to undergo certain additional courses to cover the marginal deficiency.

Ph.D Program Structure

The Ph.D Program is spread across six semesters over three Years. The program is organized in four stages, viz., Course Work, Qualifying Examination, Approval of Topic of Research and Supervisor, and Thesis Submission.

Program Structure
Year Semester-I Semester-II
Course on Research Methods
Advanced Course in the Discipline
Independent Study
Independent Study
Qualifying Examination
Year Semester-III Semester-IV
II Ph.D Thesis & Seminar Ph.D Thesis & Seminar
Year Semester-V Semester-VI
III Ph.D Thesis & Seminar Ph.D Thesis & Seminar
Study in Advanced Topics-I Study in Advanced Topics-II

NOTE:Details of disciplines courses and electives will be given in student handbook.