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The Faculty Resources

Prof. Arun Kumar Saini

Designation : Associate Dean
Qualification(s) :Ph.D., (Pursuing from NIT Kurushetra), MTech (MNIT), BE (MBM)
Current Area of Interest : Digital VLSI Design, Computer Vision, Computer Architecture E-mail:aksaini@iujaipur.edu.in View Profile

Dr. Rajiv Lochan Pareek

Qualification(s) :Ph.D., (England)
Current Area of Interest : Theory of Computation

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Prof. Rana Mukherji

Qualification(s) :M.Sc. (Electronics), M.Tech. (Instrumentation)
Current Area of Interest : Reconfigurable architectures and Vedic mathematics
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Prof. Shubhlakshmi Agrwal

Qualification(s) :M. Tech (Computer Engg.), B.E.
Current Area of Interest : Pattern Recognition and Image Processing.
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Dr. J. K. Gupta

Qualification(s) :M.Sc. (Chemistry), PhD (Chemistry),
Current Area of Interest :Theoretical aspect of Drug Design and Solid waste Management
E-mail:jkgupta@iujaipur.edu.in View Profile

Prof. Pramod Kumar Arya

Qualification(s) :M.E. (Mechanical )
Current Area of Interest :Industrial Process Equipment Design
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Prof. Manoj Kumar

Qualification(s) : M.Tech. (Mining Machinery Engineering)
Current Area of Interest : Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation
E-mail: manoj.mme.ism@gmail.com
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Dr. Vijay Kumar Vyas

Qualification(s) :M. Phil., Ph.D.
Current Area of Interest : Special Function and Integral Transform assessment of air quality

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Prof. R.K Chaurasia

Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification(s) :B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D.
Current Area of Interest : Digital communications and. Wireless communications
E-mail: rkchaurasia@iujaipur.edu.in
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Dr. Vishal Mathur

Qualification(s) :M.Sc. (Physics), Ph.D. (Science-Physics),
Current Area of Interest : Thermal and Mechanical properties, Material Science & Nanotechnology
E-mail: vishalmathur@iujaipur.edu.in
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Prof. Akash Verma

Qualification(s) :M.S. (Construction Management and Economics)
Current Area of Interest : Water Harvesting Technique
E-mail: vishalmathur@iujaipur.edu.in

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Prof. Amit Kumar Sharma

Qualification(s) :M. Tech (CSE), MCA, MBA
Current Area of Interest : Data Mining & Network Security
E-mail: amitchandnia@gmail.com

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Ms. Aishwarya Vatsa

Qualification(s) :MCA, BCA
Current Area of Interest : Software testing, Face recognition (Image processing) and Artificial Intelligence.
E-mail: aishvats16@gmail.com View Profile

Prof. Rajesh Ranjan

Qualification(s) :B-Tech (Information Technology), M-Tech (Information Technology)
Current Area of Interest : Biometrics, Image Processing & Algorithm
E-mail: aishvats16@gmail.com View Profile

Naveen Kumar Meena

Qualification(s) M.Tech, Structural Engineering, MNNIT Allahabad, B.Tech, Civil Engineering, R.T.U Kota.
Current Area of Interest : Earthquake Engineering, Performance Based Seismic Design, Seismic Response, Damage and Vulnerability of a Building Structures. View Profile

Prof. Prashant Nemade

Qualification(s) :M.E. (Civil-Construction Technology & Management), B.E. (Civil)
Current Area of Interest :Material Management and Concrete Technology
E-mail:prashant.nemade8837@gmail.com View Profile

Prof. Niraj Kumar Kumawat

Qualification(s)M.Tech, Soil Dynamics, B.Tech, Civil Engineering
Current Area of Interest : Liquefaction analysis

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Prof. Pranay Bhardwaj

Qualification(s)M.E. (Communication)
Current Area of Interest : Orthogonal Frequency division multiplexing (OFDM), (Multiple Input Multiple Output) MIMO
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